Rabbits Coloring Pages: Facts and Math Addition Coloring Activities

Enjoy these rabbits coloring pages in various educative forms. Here you will find bunnies coloring pages, various themed rabbits coloring pages and activities that cover basic facts about rabbit world plus basic math activities for first shool. Parents can also offer the materials to the preschooler to stimulate his and her creativities.

First School Fun Math Activities with Rabbits Coloring Pages

In this section, you can find the attractive math activities suitable for first shcool grade. The assigment is to color rabbit and its favorite food also to find a specific number that represent several facts about rabbit.

Parents and teacher can help the kids to understand the clues given on each coloring sheets. The example is number 31. Number 31 showing us that in fact the doe (the mother) pregnancy takes up to thirty days before she born bunnies. Another interesting fact that the doe can produce up to twelve young rabbits each time she gives birth.

Do not forget to remind your kids to put the right color based on the sum of the basic math operation given.

Basic Rabbits Facts Coloring Pages

Find more coloring pages relating to rabbit’s world, including favorite foods and rabbit house. The house often made from the hard board. It is part of the essential requirement in breeding. The doe will always searching for a hiding place when she is ready to gives birth.

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